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People’s lives are complicated these days. They’re looking for real answers to life’s tough questions. The creators of a new website called iQuestionsQuestion Mark.com have taken their best shot at providing trustworthy answers to these difficult questions.

The website breaks down into 7 major categories of life issues, each with subcategories: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting, Intimacy, Wellness, Money, Career, and Faith. Twenty five of the nation’s top values-based experts provide approximately 3 minute answers on video to an array of questions such as “My husband cheated on me. What do I do?” or “Will our fighting lead to a divorce?” or “We’re in some pretty serious debt. Is our debt affecting our relationship?” In addition, you can e-mail the free video to a friend, discuss the video with others, download the audio, or download the transcript. For each question posed, there is also provided a cross-referencing section of similar video questions and answers so you can further investigate a particular subject. Resources are available for purchase from the website in the event that you want to dig deeper into a particular subject area.

I encourage you to take a look at this sight and recommend it to your friends. I’d like to hear what you think. Send me a response. Once again, the website is iQuestions.com. – MAJ